3 ways to get in on the hottest festival around

Hi Beauty,

The hottest festival coming this year is a freakin’ love-fest where you are taking centre stage. What’s more, there’s a hot line-up of support acts, featuring tunes you’ll have on repeat, like:

Walk to the beat of your own heart


We will heart you by the Anna Hearts Queenies

And the good news is you won’t need to live on 2-minute noodles to get you there, just an open heart saying yes to seeing the best act of your life up close and personal!

So without further ado, here are 3 small, but oh-so-satisfying ways you can rock out and enjoy the festival of you!

1. Be the headline act
Make yourself line-up worthy not just because you deserve it (heck, you know you do!) but because when you treat yourself kindly the world does too. It’s like putting pennies in the karma-kitty. You’re rich bitch!

Get headline-act ready: Netflix and (facial) scrub, get lit on green juice or feel amaze-bowls with an acai bowl. 

2. Fill that cup checkout up then rock that kini all day long✌🏾 
Now you’re a fully-fledged, sugar-mama-style-rockstar, it’s time to spend that well earned karma-cash wisely.

Invest in A-grade quality fabrics and ditch the binge shopping for good. You’ll say see-ya-later to the saggy bum and be rockin' out without falling out.

Indulge in a bikini that hugs your body, flatters your figure and make you feel like a hottie.

Get to know your go-to style and colour, you’ll quickly turn heads and be the ultimate queenie in an Anna Hearts bikini.

3. Get some bangin' groupies
Find your bff, your ride or die chick (but not one that asks too many questions 😉 ), your A-team (that’s us!). Why? Cos we all need that one chick that’ll have our back and tell us when we haven’t quite rubbed all the sunscreen into our face and that, well…Fuck yeh, we rock!

To my A-team sistas, I’ve got your back (and your face!),


 * Title image courtesy of Pinterest.