Cure the winter blues with this love-drug

It happens every Aussie winter. 

Bronzed beauties flock to the beaches of Positano, flaunting their Insta fame, causing a mass breakout of the winter blues and a severe case of jelly-it-is (a.k.a being totes jealous!).

There’s a desire to throw in your job and bag a babe named, Pedro.

A longing for wine so pink it matches the rosé coloured sunset.

A hunger-pain that screams so loud that back-to-back pasta nights are becoming a "thing".

And while you may be counting down the days to an Aussie summer we reckon THE best cure for anything (including jelly-it-is) is as natural as it comes, salt water. 

Here are three ways to dose up on some salt-water-love, curing you of those winter blues.

Dose 1: Tears
Un-bottle those emotions, turn off those blinking love hearts over your eyes and let those tears run dry like that empty bottle of rosé that should have been. Banish that FOMO for good with a heartfelt pity-party for one.

Renewed feelings of hope and a promise to yourself to join said Insta babes next year. #muststartsaving

Dose 2: Sweat
Get that heart pumping for (winter) love with a sweat-busting, endorphin releasing workout, then fist pump yourself for bringing your A-game. 👊🏽 

A banging bod and an uncanny appetite for (bikini!) shopping.

Dose 3: The sea
Watching those beauties bathe under the Tuscan sun may be like rubbing salt into the wound, but rest assured you can wash away your heartache by dipping that post workout bod in the Aussie sea.

A reminder from Mother Nature that while it may not be Positano, us Aussies really do live in the lucky country.

To that Aussie (winter) glow,

-- a.k.a your resident love Dr. 



 * Title image courtesy of Pinterest.