Eat till your heart’s content and still rock that kini

A wise woman once said that if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

And boy girl was she right.

We’re talking fries over guys, drinking wine on Mondays (cos why the hell not!) and above all having your cake (or taco) and rockin’ that kini too. 

Getting into a kini could be right around the corner, but so too is the taco truck
It’s no snaccident you like tacos. Those crispy golden shells are enough to make any beauty want to up her spray tan game and join that taco truck queue. Just remember, nothing lasts forever. Not Tequila sunrises. Not that guy named Juan. Not last night’s food-baby. Enjoy a good thing while it lasts. Surround yourself with tacos. Not self-talking negativity. #Ole!💃🏼

Be beach-ready in a Prosecco
Keep those fluid levels at an all time high. Alternate between the H2O, that salty water goodness and your fave glass of prosecco for that year-round summery glow.

Don’t just look it. Feel amaze-bowls!
Ditch the detoxes. Cleanses. Skinny-teas. We’re pretty sure your insides will love our smoothie-bowls so much you’ll be pooping rainbows. Leave your deets via our pop-up to get a taste of our most hearted smoothie-bowl recipes then slip into something more comfortable (like our kinis) here

So, we say, stuff bikini body. We heart today body and all that food glorious food. Because if it ain’t wobbling it ain’t working.

Love you so matcha,


BTW. That wise woman was Katherine Hepburn.

 * Title image courtesy of Pinterest.