Hun, don’t forget to use [sun] protection

I hate to tell you beauty, but your mumma is always right.

ALWAYS. #gonnahavetogrinandbearthisone

So when she says use protection, best to nod in agreement and do as she says.

Here are our fave wise words from this Mumma-bear to you about using sun protection: 

Let’s face it. Youth Group kinda has a point
Remember that song, Forever Young? We reckon it’s totally about Beauties slip-slop-slapping that sunscreen on their gorgeous mugs. About ¼ teaspoon (per body part) is recommended to safely cover your face, neck and chest.

Nope, makeup with SPF won’t save your pretty face
Word on the street is you won’t get the coverage nor use the amount you need. Skip back to the previous song step about getting the amount just right.

Embrace those high tops and active crops
We often neglect to give the T.L.C our chest needs. High cut tops and active crops are amazing for covering that sensitive skin on your chest. And hey, why not join the A-team while you’re there!

Be a mad-hatter
Sunscreen and hair, well…no. Instead save your scalp by going mad for a boater hat or two.

Don’t forget the 50+
Thank mumma bear for her many words of wisdom. After all, she’s got you covered.

To staying eternally young,

Anna xo


*image courtesy of tumblr