Who, exactly?

There’s a little bit of Anna that lives in every one of us.

Anahata, actually.
You might’ve heard your yoga teacher talk about it mid-downward dog, just before you dived into cobra pose. It’s the heart chakra; otherwise know as that incredible set of stretches when you get to “open up the heart space”.
It’s also how we gave Anna Hearts her name.
You see, our Anna manifests self-love, self-confidence, inspiration and hope, just like Anahata. And with a little practice, we’re here to empower you to embrace the very same things – whether you’re rocking a bikini or not!

Made in Australia with a whole lotta heart.
After years of searching for “the one” – a well-fitting, hug-me-right, sexy-AF bikini!
– each Anna Hearts piece is designed to be just that.
Our ‘back to basics’ approach makes sure your kini stays put, keeps the girls in place, and doesn’t go MIA every time you go after a wave.
Simply because they fit.
Designed and made locally with fabric sourced straight from Italy, our bikinis will take you from Rome to Byron Bay and back again – with the cajoles to rock that cheeky fit, should you so please!